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This new CD was recorded in the year of our 20th anniversary. 

And all pieces in this CD are exclusive original compositions.

We composed them during the last few years, and each of us has tried to find his very own voice. And yet every piece on this CD is the result of our collegiality, our mutual support, reflecting our constant exchange on our individual tastes and preferences, as well as our critiques and the sense of humour of each Rastrelli member. This CD provided each of us with a good opportunity to grow, to set new goals, to solve new tasks, to develop new methods. But our most important prerequisite from the very beginning has remained: our strong desire to express the music that each of us hears and feels within himself, sharing it, first among the colleagues and now with our audience! In this project, too, we have again recognised that music is the finest means of communication among people.

That is why we dare to present this colorful collection of music to our listeners and friends.

May you enjoy it as much as we do!


01. M. Degtyareff „Melody“

02. K. Timofeev „City Rain“

03. K. Kraftzoff „The Walk“

04. M. Degtyareff „Waltz“

05. K. Timofeev „Impression Nr 1“

06. K. Timofeev „Impression Nr 2“

07. K. Timofeev „Impression Nr 3“

08. M. Degtyareff „Vocalise“


 Kirill Timofeev - Music For Children

09. K. Timofeev „The Cobbler“

10. K. Timofeev „Fairytale“

11. K. Timofeev „The Chase“

12. K. Timofeev „The Witch“

13. K. Timofeev „Snow White“

14. K. Timofeev „Minuet“


 15. K. Timofeev „Unknown Movie“

16. K. Timofeev „Swing On 16 Strings“

17. K. Kraftzoff „Farewell To The Aliens“

18. K. Kraftzoff „Moonlighjt“

19. M. Degtyareff „Lullaby“

20. K. Timofeev „Snow Lambada“

21. K. Timofeev „The Old Boy“

 Bonus Track:

 22. M. Degtyareff „Rusty Sound“



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Cello & Beatles

€20.00 EUR

Why Cello and Beatles?

Music is the only language that is understood without exception by all people on Earth. In early childhood, without understanding a single word in English, we listened to the beautiful music of The Beatles again and again, as did millions of others around the world.  The message of The Beatles:  Unification and love are what the world has needed since time immemorial.  This universally understood sentiment conveyed through their music continues to connect us all, and to touch our souls. In this album, we wish to share with you our versions of the songs that we hold dear, in the genre of chamber music, and to invite you to join with us in our alliance through the language of music as expressed by The Beatles.  Enjoy!

Gratefully yours, Kira, Misha, Kirill and Sergio

01. I Saw Her Standing There - Lennon – McCartney

02. Things We Said Today - Lennon – McCartney

03. If I Fell - Lennon – McCartney

04. Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band - With A Little Help of My Friends - Lennon – McCartney

05. Because - Lennon – McCartney

06. Till There was you - Meredith Willson

07. The Night before - Lennon – McCartney

08. Michelle - Lennon – McCartney

09. Here comes the Sun – Harrison  - Penny Lane - Lennon – McCartney

10. Honey Pie - Lennon – McCartney

11. Here There and Everywhere - Lennon – McCartney

12. Help! - Lennon – McCartney

13. Yesterday - Lennon – McCartney

14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Larry Williams

15. Obladi - Oblada - Lennon – McCartney




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Cello Effect 2015

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1. Sergei Prokofiev (from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64) "Juliet as a Young Girl"
2. Sergei Prokofiev "Mercutio"
3. Sergei Prokofiev "Dance of the Girls with Lilies"
4. Sergei Prokofiev "Masks"
5. Sergei Prokofiev "Dance of the Knights"
6. Giacomo Puccini Aria “E lucevan le stelle” from Tosca
7. Sergei Rachmaninoff "Vocalise" Op. 34, No. 14
8. Antônio Carlos Jobim "Desafinado" (1958)
9. William Christopher Handy "St. Louis Blues"
10. Dave Brubeck "Blue Rondo à la Turk"
11. Leroy Anderson "The Syncopated Clock"
12. Antônio Carlos Jobim and Newton Mendonça "One Note Samba"
13. Traditional "Bublichki"
14. Bobby Timmons "Moanin"
15. Paul Desmond "Take Five"
16. Piotr Tchaikovsky "Valse Sentimentale" in F minor, Op. 51, No. 6


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Volume 5.5 2010

€20.00 EUR

1. Paganissimo
2. G. Puccini Air from "Tosca": E Luchevan Le Stelle
3. D. Popper "Tarantelle"
4. P. Tchaikovsky "Canzonette"
5. M. Mussorgsky "Night on Bald Mountain"
6. R. Strauss "One night in Venice"
7. H. Carmichael "Stardust"
8. Anton S. Walloch "Vegas Weekend"


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Cello in Sentimental Mood (Volume 5) 2010

€20.00 EUR

1. G. Puccini Air "E Luchevan Le Stelle"
2. P. Tchaikovsky "Canzonette" 2nd movement Violin Concerto
3. A. Piazzolla "Oblivion"
4. Villa-Lobos "Modihna" from Bachiana Brasiliera Nr.1
5. Jules Massenet "Meditation"
6. R. Wagner " O Du, mein holder Abendstern"
7. H. Carmichel "Stardust"
8. N. Sokolov "Melody"
9. M. Degtjareff "Lullaby"
10. S. Drabkin "Jewish Song"
11. J. Forrest "Night Train"
12. L. Anderson "Plink, Plank, Plunk" en


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Cello in Buenos Aires (Volume 4) with Ann Chang (Piano) 2008

€20.00 EUR

Astor Piazzolla

1. Verano Porteno: Summer 

2. Otono Porteno: Autumn 

3. Inwierno Porteno: Winter 

4. Primavera Porteno: Spring 

5. "Oblivion" 

6. "Adiós Nonino"


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